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EBS on Oracle 12c Pluggable Database

The multitenant option introduced in Oracle Database 12c as a biggest architectural changes in the history of the Oracle database. Many developments after 12c Database release are more associated with application friendly logic and supporting cloud trends. In today’s cloud market, Oracle Database Cloud Service & Exadata Cloud Database – Multitenant Edition gives you the benefits of the Cloud and the robustness of Oracle, integrated into a single easy-to-use offering.

Whereas for EBS applications, 12c database remained as a non-CDB database till date and Multi-tenant database was a buzz word. But not anymore, with Exadata Cloud Service (ExaCS) 12c Database; choice of EBS R12.2.6 implementation on Multi-Tenant & RAC database is made easy.

Also note, during OOW17 Oracle has announced multiple EBS on Cloud options with DBCS & EXACS offerings as PaaS for DB and IaaS for Apps. So, Multi-tenant DB for EBS is supported and a certified solution now.

Refer, Getting Started with Oracle E-Business Suite on Oracle Cloud (Doc ID 2066260.1) for more information regarding certified releases and automation capabilities.

Changes to EBS Database?

EBS database must be converted to a multitenant architecture, to plug as a single pluggable database (PDB) within the container database (CDB). In other words, EBS database will be just a pluggable database within a CDB or root database.

How? – Build or get existing pre-clone non-multitenant database image and convert into PDB database using the EBS tools. Supported from EBS R12.2 AD/TXK Delta-9 patch levels onwards. (Refer Section 3: New and Changed Features of Note 2233485.1)

Pre-reqs to Plug Non-CDB?

  • The source database must be version is 12.1 or later.
  • The source and target platform must have the same endian format, which is little-endian for Exadata Cloud Service.
  • Ideally, the source and target CDBs must use the same character set, which is AL32UTF8 for Exadata Cloud Service.

As an Apps DBA – need to know:

  • To learn: All Multi-tenant Database Administration concepts
  • DB Instance Parameters: Common for all the containers (CDB & PDBs)
  • Only one EBS PDB can be plugged per one Multi-tenant Database (till-date)
  • AD utilities such as autoconfig, adop, etc., are built to configure and support EBS PDB configurations.
  • Provisioning EBS Instance – Plugging a Non-CDB database as PDB on ExaCS service
  • EBS Cloning – Limited between ExaCS to ExaCS as of today
  • APPS or End-User DB connectivity: connects using DB Service-name of PDB instead of Container SID name.


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